Canopy Course Jun 27-28.








Enjoy the view 2 miles above the Earth of Northwest Florida during your skydive. We are very kid friendly and Mom approved!  There’s always a grill going during lunch time, you can throw on your food and enjoy a full day of fun with us.  There will always be snacks for those a little nervous about their skydive :)



THE Premier drop zone in the Florida panhandle!

We are the closest drop zone to Panama City Beach, Fort Rucker, Eglin AFB, Destin,  and Fort Walton Beach.  We are by far, the best, family friendly drop zone in Pensacola, Panama City, Destin, South Alabama, and any North West military bases.  We provide a fun, safe, entertaining  place for your children, and all of our skydivers are treated like FAMILY.



Open Saturday and Sunday, Call 850-533-9097 or email floridaskylife@gmail.com to schedule a tandem or training.